Help us send computers to people in need

In communities across the developing world, people are left behind because they don’t have access to computers. School computer labs sit empty. Medical clinics rely on written records. NGOs struggle to connect to international resources.

Each year companies donate thousands of their old computers to Crossroads. We refurbish them to like-new condition – reformatting, replacing parts, installing new software – and send them out full licensed and ready to use.

Crossroads currently has hundreds of high quality donated computers waiting to be refurbished. We also have volunteers ready to do the work. The only piece missing is just some funding for parts and software.

Since the computers and many of our replacement parts are donated and the labor is from volunteers it only costs $100 to fully refurbish each computer.

Would you considering helping us transform the education of a child, digitize a medical clinics operations, enable an NGO to help more people?

There are two ways you can help!

No Donation – Just set your shopping to Smile:
If you select Crossroads Global Village US Limited as your charity on Amazon Smile and do all your purchases at, Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to help Crossroads. Bookmark, shop through Amazon Smile, and funds will come to Crossroads with every purchase!

Sponsor computers directly:
With every $100 you donate to Crossroads’ Computers4Smiles campaign, a donated computer will be processed and released to help someone in need. Click the button below to give now, and choose ‘Computer refurbishment’ as the category.

Here’s what some of Crossroads’ partners had to say about receiving donated computers:

“Many of the kids have never seen a computer before. They are so excited to work on them!” Teacher, Cameroon

“As a result of computers in the shipment, we were able to open an internet café in the community.” NGO staff, Zambia

“The aim was to establish our first computer laboratory and school library. The project boosted their morale, spirits, excitement, aspirations, dreams and hopes!” NGO staff, Papua New Guinea

“Our library was furnished with wonderful tables, chairs, books and computers. It could not have come at a better time. We have now been given the go ahead to be a full charter university for 800 students.” NGO director, Zambia

Crossroads Global Village US

Donate now!

Click the button below to donate to help us send refurbished computers to communities in need, or read more about ways to give money to Crossroads.

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Computers changing lives in PNG

“Prior to this, we had never had a computer laboratory or a school library in our two campuses,” they said. “This is a first in this history of our existence!” Computers from a Crossroads shipment are bridging the digital divide for this secondary school in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Computers changing lives in Ukraine

Donated computers from Crossroads helped this Ukrainian hospital digitize their medical records, no longer relying on paper. In their rural community of 25 villages, often desperately under-resourced, it’s made a very real impact on how they’re able to serve their patients.